Bacchanal’s Big Reveal

Written by on November 20, 2018

Bacchanal Jamaica gave its soca faithful a peek into 2019 costume options during Invictus Band Launch, held at Hope Gardens in St Andrew on Saturday.

“We had a huge turnout tonight. We can already see on social media, for those that weren’t even here, looking as they loved the costumes and they’re really enjoying them. We’re bringing the best we have to offer,” Michael Ammar III, a Bacchanal Jamaica director, told the our sources.


In keeping with the Latin theme Invictus, costumes bore Greco-Roman names including Venus, Mars & Bellona, Gaea, Apollo & Diana, Felicitas Cleopatra, Salacia & Neptune, Electryo, and Bacchus.

Most were as colourful, exotic and intricate as their labels, each offering less complex variations for the males. For potential revelers who want a more modest outfit, options are in the Sunday Wear and T-Shirt line-up.


One costume stood out. It was the Alejandro Gomez-created Cleopatra, which had the crowd overwhelmed by its delicate, pink-feathered, high-rise wings capped by gold and silver accents.

“Last year I got pulled into Bacchanal by a friend of mine. The relationship did flourish very well and bore many fruits from Carnival. This year I went from two sections to one because I really wanted to focus on the details and just to try and encompass the whole theme,” the Trinidad-based Gomez told the our sources.

Ammar III revealed some changes for the upcoming season.

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