Capleton Salutes The Heros & Marley

Written by on October 15, 2018

Reggae/dancehall artiste Capleton may be hesitant to discuss his own adversities, but the strong-voiced entertainer was very vocal on the topic of individuals who should be given the title of ‘hero’.


Over the years, our soures has reported on the St Mary-born man who takes on the mission of walking barefoot from his parish to the capital city of Kingston as a tribute to Tacky. The man, Derrick Robinson, who goes by the name Black X, has made it his duty to advocate for the proclaimed Coromantee chief to be added to the list of Jamaica’s heroes – an effort that Capleton respects.


“Nothing not wrong with him (Black X) walking for what he believes,” Capleton said. “Tacky should be named a hero because he was the brain behind some of the things that people still don’t know about as one of the first to start the liberation. He was a great warrior.” The entertainer says reggae legend Bob Marley, like Tacky, is overlooked and deserves to be a hero.


“Reggae music is a miracle to the world, and people are captivated by it. Anywhere you go, people say Bob Marley done a lot for Jamaica,” he said. Capleton described a hero as a “great leader”, and referencing that definition, he said Bob Marley has led others in the music industry to do more for the genre.


“I have lots of heroes. I can’t name one because all people who do great work and uplifting things to change people life or enhance a person to be better in terms of levity, I consider them heroes,” he said.


Through Capleton Music Inc., the entertainer has willingly donated funds as and has shared his time to improve the state of community centres, schools, and hospitals over the years.


Capleton said that persons might call him a hero because of his charitable works, but he does not think too much of the title. “Hear the great part of it: Even if you don’t get it (the official title of hero) from the system, is when you hear it from the people.”

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