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International dancehall legend, Sean Paul, was recently interviewed by Yasmin Evans for BBC Radio 1Xtra and the result was a truly phenomenal experience. Sean Paul grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, with one of his favorite spots being the national stadium pool. He joked that his parents probably met and created him in that very pool. His […]

Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas has hurled yet another accusation against the Jamaican government. The veteran deejay claiming that the government is happy when male citizens are locked up in the island’s prisons, as they are forced to work for the government free of cost. “The government wants the youths dem to stick to crime and […]

D’Angel is getting some heat for comparing herself to Koffee and demanding that she gets more respect in dancehall. Jamaican singer D’Angel went on a rant on her Instagram Live, during which she stated that she is at the same level as Reggae singer Koffee. The “Uptown Girl” singer began to lash out saying that persons claim that […]

Reggae singer Nesbeth is mourning the death of his little brother, Anthony Brown. The news of his brother’s unfortunate passing, came while the “Success Story” singer was on a promotional tour in North America. Sadly, Anthony passed away on Saturday, August 25th at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) only days after being admitted. The nature […]

The lyrical combat between Dancehall artiste Alkaline and his new-found nemesis Squash has erupted into flames, this time, literally. On Monday afternoon, the Manhimself, more popularly known as Alkaline, posted a video on his IG story of a white t-shirt emblazoned with the 6IX catchphrase “Six is Real” and the words Squash, being set alight by […]

Did the 6ix went one up on the Vendetta with Chronic Law’s new diss track “One Talk.” Chronic Law is not about to see Alkaline attack the 6IX Boss and stay quiet. That seems quite unlikely as the lyrical deejay has dropped over 50 songs already this year doesn’t seem to be running out of punch […]

“Gratitude is a must!!!” Koffee scored another W. Former United States President Barack Obama posted a his Summer Playlist on his Twitter page today. The highly anticipated playlist consists of songs he and his wife Michelle Obama have been listening to throughout the summer, and reggae/dancehall sensation, Koffee, made the cut. The playlist consists of songs […]

Did I-Octane went too far by mentioning Konshens’ dead brother in their beef? The I-Octane and Konshens beef has intensified over the past week. Now The Subkonshus deejay’s late brother Delus’ name is being called. Boundaries are no longer being observed as a dead family member name is being called. There has been a lot of back and forth […]

Beenie Man disrespected the 6ix camp, and Chronic Law responded, calling the dancehall icon a liar. The fallout between Beenie Man and 6ix members, Squash and Chronic Law, continues after their Summa Sizzle mishap. In case you’ve been off the grid for the past couple of days. Beenie and the 6ix had a massive falling out after he claimed that […]

Alkaline drop some subliminal shots at Popcaan’s sister Squid and NotNice at Dream Weekend. It’s no secret that Alkaline and Popcaan are not friends. The Dancehall artistes have previously aired their disapproval of each other publicly through musical contention. The Vendetta boss never failed to call out Squid in his diss tracks either as they too had a falling […]

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