Chuck Fenda wants new single to impact society positively

Written by on April 10, 2019

Having released his new single, ‘Gideon Hot’, entertainer Chuck Fenda is now dispelling rumors that his song is a counteraction to I-Octane’s ‘Weh Di Fire Gone’ that was released last year.

While he disagrees with some of what is said in I-Octane’s track, Chuck Fenda said that his song is not a counteraction.

“The song came as a natural inspiration from Jah. The message is clear that we are drifting from righteousness, and we need to return to reality. I-Octane was the furthest thing from my mind,” Chuck Fenda said.

“Of course I disagree with some of what he says in his song. The Rastaman fire never stop burn, man a chant binghi every day. Across the world, we are still here burning out lawlessness and inspiring people to stop their evil doings because Jah fire is ever-burning.”

While this might be the case, he insists that he wants Gideon Hot to have a positive impact on society.

“When the fire burning in the music, we bring back the righteousness and consciousness. If God’s law not in the midst, then there will be more senseless killings and raping. Gideon Hot is here to correct that with a positive message to disrupt the negative that is happening right now,” he said.

Meanwhile, a music video for Gideon Hot will be shot later this month, Chuck Fenda is also gearing up to return to the US for appearances in the Midwest next month.

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