Dancehall Star Devin Di Dakta Shares Powerful Message In “Internet” Video

Written by on October 14, 2019

Devin Di Dakta has finally released his new music video, “Internet.”

The highly-anticipated music video for Devin Di Dakta‘s new track “Internet” sparked a little controversy earlier this week when he posted a still shot of himself in character from the video. Devin was suspiciously clad in a woman’s nightgown and wig. The dancehall deejay announced that it would all make sense on Friday at 5:00 pm when the new song and visuals premiere on Youtube, and the time has finally come.

Devin’s new song “Internet” is a powerful framing of the adverse effects of this social media era and the misconceptions of it all. As usual, Devin Di Dakta did not disappoint with his lyrics; after all, he’s been known for it since his days on “Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.” The only difference is that the dancehall deejay is focusing on a more serious topic and giving us a harsh reality check with his very sincere bars.

The new track is a DZL Records and T-Whizz Records production. In the video, Devin plays the role of the artiste conveying the message as well as the woman illustrating the very lesson he is trying to teach. He spits his lyrics quite aggressively on this well-composed beat giving off a “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” type of vibe throughout his hardcore bars.

“Yu need fi understand the internet is just a show / People jus a show di finish line like dem nuh buck a toe / But I know seh shortcut draw blood from mi young a grow / Anything wah me a go fa mi prefer fi go fa slow / Distraction a summen ya fi overthrow / Nuff people insides synonymous with outa door / So jus relax an watch di crowd ina di boat a row / ‘Cause when it capsize yu nah go seh yu shoulda know.”

Devin Di Dakta is more like ‘Devin Di Teacher’ on this track that he fills with quotable lyrics. “Stop think bout mutual friends / Think bout mutual funds / Nuh bada watch when dem a glorify some yute weh a dunce / Only thing dem know fi talk about a p***y and drugs,” Devin sings.

Devin Di Dakta continues to face scrutiny after the music video has been released but remains unbothered as he promotes his message. He took to Instagram to share a clip of the video with the caption:

“I DO NOT, nor do I intend to make music for ignorant people. Anyday for the rest of my life you guys see me create something and any person or group feel offended, please don’t look out for an apology from me. I will forever express myself in whatever way I feel comfortable. If only 1 person understands my expression, then I’ve achieved my goal,” he continued. “I won’t limit my creative skills to please any one person or group whether religious, political etc. It’s simple, if I sing something or make a video that you don’t like, CHANGE IT AND UNFOLLOW ME. And btw, y’all should consider being open minded, you don’t have to still, I’m just saying. It’ll let you not stress over what has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to accept something but, at least try to understand it before you cast your judgement. With that said, Check out my new Song and Video on my YouTube Channel. #LinkInBio #DevinDiDakta,” Devin wrote.

Devin goes on to talk about shootings and tragedy being something the media loves and Pastors being untrustworthy with children. Let’s not give it all away. This song definitely speaks for itself and is not doing it for the clout but rather speaking out against the clout.

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