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Written by on October 8, 2018

AS budding artistes in the early 1980s, Flourgon and friends from the Park Lane area of Red Hills Road would go to dances promoted by Rambo International, the neighbourhood’s sound system. He credits sharing the microphone at those events for giving him, Red Dragon, Sanchez and Daddy Lizard their break.


That camraderie, Flourgon points out, no longer exists among many of his contemporaries. The veteran deejay blames selfishness for artistes from the 1980s being forgotten.


“Most a di time if yuh get a show wid Beres (Hammond), yuh don’t get a Sanchez or a Super Cat on it. Promoter might sey him cyan afford it but sometimes is ’cause is di older artiste don’t unite enough,” he told the our sources. “If yuh have a show wid Sanchez, Shabba Ranks, Half Pint…It woulda hard fi find a venue fi hold a show like dat.”


Next Saturday, Flourgon shares the bill with other stars from the 1980s on the Stars R Us show, scheduled for Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in Kingston. Half Pint, Paul Elliott, Admiral Tibet, Josey Wales and Admiral Bailey are also on the card.


The 53-year-old, best known for songs like One Foot Skank and We Run Things, still records and tours. Some of his gigs are in the Caribbean alongside Sanchez, with others coming in North America and Europe.


Flourgon co-produced his latest songs, Enemies and Can’t Live Without You, with long-time friend Daddy Lizard. While he admires acts like Busy Signal and Agent Sasco, he is not a big fan of contemporary dancehall, especially production.

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