Govana wanted to play Manning Cup

Written by on September 28, 2018

Govana’s song ‘Champ’ has won him numerous admirers for the lyrics. Among those admirers is telecommunications giant Digicel, who sponsors the Manning Cup football competition.

Representatives of the company reached out to the entertainer for him to record the official signature tune for this year’s Corporate Area schoolboy tournament.

“Management told me that Digicel wanted me to do the theme song for the Manning Cup because they like the whole concept of ‘Champ’ and at the end of the day, the winner of the Manning Cup will be a ‘champ’, so a guess dem just put it together and say it guh hand in hand,” Govana told our sources.

But ironically, while he was attending St Georges College, Govana had his eyes set on representing the institution in the same competition which his song now promotes.

But he said that he did not make the team.

“When mi did a guh Georges mi did love sports really and truly but mi neva really dat great cause mi couldn’t mek George’s team,” he explained, describing himself as one of the biggest fans of the game.

However, Govana, who supports Manchester United in club football and Portugal at the international level, told our sources that even to this day, he shows off his soccer skills quite frequently.

“Mi play football every weekend, at least twice during the week and every Sunday,” he said.

So far, ‘Champ’, which chronicles the deejay’s rise from obscurity in the dancehall space to the point where he is now enjoying overwhelming success in his music career, has received more than 2.4 million views on YouTube since it was released more than a month ago.

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