Laden Speaks on New Single – Feelings Too Heavy (Video)

Written by on April 10, 2019

After being relatively quiet on the music scene for the past few years, dancehall artiste Laden made a vow last August to regroup and re-emerge on the music scene with a bang.

The deejay is making good on his promises with the release of a new song and video.

However, for his comeback track, Feelings Too Heavy, the artiste explores his sexual maturity.

Speaking with Our Sources about the track, Laden, who is known for producing songs of a positive nature, explained that he believes he’s grown into a space where he can now sing about certain things.

He also expressed that with the dancehall scene becoming even more accepting of explicit songs, the time had come for him to venture into new territories.

“I think I’m old enough to say whatever I want to say musically. My maturity will show in this song. This song is not for kids,” he said. “Things and times have changed. I’m in the field of dancehall, and people more gravitate to stuff that is raw and ‘slack’. In the past, people would cork their ears when dem hear certain things or bash the artiste when dem see certain things. But now, it’s like the slacker the song, the more attention it gets.”

With that said, Laden says that since the song and the video, which were released last weekend, have been doing extremely well.

“It is a hit song. Once you listen to it, all you hear is a hit, hit mark all over it. No one is complaining that the song is too slack, they love it. It’s something that’s pleasing to the ears. Dexta Daps do music like this. It’s slack, it’s raw, but people love it. It’s like a drug; everyone is saying it’s fire,” he said.

Laden noted that his VEVO channel did not have 4,000 subscribers, yet the video had already got 110,000 views.

“It’s been a while that I’ve received so much love for a song, and I’m happy people are accepting it,” he said.

Laden indicated that while the song is for mature audiences only, he understands that some underage persons may get access to it, so he advised parents and guardians to monitor their children’s Internet use.

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