Legalise It – Reggae Acts Advocate For Recreational Cannabis

Written by on October 24, 2018

During the third annual Peter Tosh Tribute Concert held at the Pulse Complex on Trafalgar Road on Saturday, some young reggae acts voiced their support for the legalization of the recreational use of cannabis.


With Canada recently becoming the second country in the world (following Uruguay) to pass such legislation, reggae artiste Jesse Royal told our sources: “Far too long, Jamaica suffering and acting like they don’t have a way to bring we outta di sufferation. Let’s put our hands, hearts, and minds together and figure out what we’re going to do with this beautiful plant that the Almighty has blessed us with.”


However, he acknowledges that there is much international legislation and many bureaucratic limitations to navigate before the Jamaican Government can do what Tosh has long demanded.

“I feel like the reason we haven’t got there yet is slightly out of our control. We are stepping into the position of power again where we are reclaiming the resources, the land, our independence and our sovereignty,” he said.


Peter Tosh’s grandson, Dre Tosh, is also a passionate advocate. He believes that Jamaica should have been a front-runner in such legislation. “We should never have allowed anybody to beat us to legalizing marijuana. The person who was the main agitator for the legalization of marijuana comes from Jamaica. We should be gaining and building infrastructure from it right now. That’s why grandpa was so passionate about it being legalized – because he knew what it is to us.”


The young Tosh hopes to combine his passion for music with his advocacy for legalization. “It’s a part of my future plans alongside music. They’re equal to me. Me a mek sure seh a dem come together in the future as one.”

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