Event Promotions

Midwest Reggae Promotion Team can help you boost interest and ticket sales for your upcoming Reggae events using strategic marketing, superior networking skills and working knowledge of the Reggae industry in the Midwest.


Our Geomarketing method helps us target to right crowd for Reggae events by delivering content based on their likes, hobbies and daily activities. This way you’re not wasting time and money marketing and promoting to someone who have no interest of coming to a Reggae event. Contact Us Today

Venue Sourcing & Negations

We can help you find the right venue to ensure your event is successful, this service is more than just negotiating a competitive rate. Venue sourcing through us is an opportunity for savings, better visibility, and risk mitigation.


Our venue sourcing specialists manage it all for you; you provide them with an idea of what you are looking for and our experienced professionals will identify ideal properties, negotiate competitive prices and provide you with a proposal. You provide the approval; we will sort out the rest. This is the most common first step and entry point into a mature, managed meetings program. The savings and risk mitigation secured through this strategy is measurable and easily quantified. Contact Us Today.

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