Sting to Make Big Return in December, in St. Ann.

Written by on October 26, 2018

After a two-year break, one of dancehall music’s biggest show, Sting, will be making a huge return on December 26 with some significant changes. According to Isaiah Laing, organizer of the show that had its inception 35 years ago, Sting will be shedding its old image and will have a brand new look and feel on its return


Among the changes, he said, are a new venue, concept, investors, and organizing team. New investor and one of the lead executives on the event, Michael Dawson, told our sources, that while Sting has been iconic, the changes are geared at making it a more global brand with first world practices “Sting, in its prime, was known as the biggest dancehall calendar event. What we are seeking to do is replicate that on a global scale,” he said.


He pointed to changes in the venue, concept, and the team behind the event as ways of ensuring their goals are achieved. This year, the event will be held at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in Richmond Estate, St Ann, moving from its original St Catherine and Corporate Area bases. In terms of performers, the organizers say they will be using the younger generation of crowd- pulling acts. They will also be veering away from the concept where clashes will be the main focus of the event.


“So, it won’t be the same event, where come October, November everyone is asking who will be clashing. That will not be the focus of the event anymore,” Dawson said. The organizers said that this move will lead to a gentler, more wholesome experience for its patrons.

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